You’re most likely reading this because you’re ready to make a change and don’t know where to start or you’ve attempted to make a change and it just didn’t happen. Well, let me tell you, for most people change is scary for most people and, because of that, many people get stuck on a hamster wheel, repeating the same cycle over and over again and nothing ever changes.


Where are you stuck in the change cycle?

  1. DISCONTENT – There is an area(s) of your life where you are unhappy but you tolerate or deal with it because it’s comfortable and you fear change.
  2. BREAKING POINT – Either something happens or you are just exhausted and you eventually reach your “breaking point” and just cannot handle it any longer.
  3. DECISION – You decide you’re ready to change because you can no longer tolerate the situation so you take the first step towards change and that gives you a sense of hope.
  1. FEAR – Not long after your sense of hope from making your decision to change, you become uncomfortable and fear the unknown and idea of making a change so you start feeling helpless.
  2. AMNESIA – The fear of change continues to grow stronger so the original situation looks better than you originally remember. You perceive the original situation as less anxiety producing than the change. It’s familiar and you are comfortable. So now you temporarily forget why you wanted to change.
  3. BACKTRACKING – And you talk yourself out of changing.

Making a change is hard and the majority of people don’t succeed because they get stuck going round and round on the change cycle shown above. So now that you’re aware of the individual cycles, you can catch yourself and NOT get stuck.

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