Sagadahoc Bay Campground in Georgetown, Maine was absolutely beautiful, and I didn’t want to leave!

There is SO MUCH to enjoy when staying at Sagadahoc Bay Campground without even leaving the campground to explore Georgetown and surrounding areas. Located in mid coast Maine near Bath, on the southern tip of Georgetown Island, your view is the breathtaking Sagadahoc Bay.

View of Sagadahoc Bay in Georgetown, Maine from campground

Driving into this campground you take Route 127 and it is a windy road and places along the way with potholes so I’m not going to lie, I was getting frustrated when driving there but as soon as I pulled in and saw the view, I forgot about the road! And now thinking back, it might not have been as bad I as made it because I drove back out the following day without my camper and it didn’t seem quite as bad!

What to look forward to when staying at Sagadahoc Bay Campground

The view is phenomenal. I booked the campsite but didn’t realize how amazing the view was going to be, so I was surprised when I got there!

View of Sagadahoc Bay from campground at low tide

If you are traveling to New England states during the Fall, this is one of the only campgrounds I found in this area that is open until the end of October. Many or most of the campgrounds I looked at close on Columbus Day for the season.


  • Sandy beach for swimming (depending on time of year, obviously)
  • Rocky ledges where you can fish
  • Walk out on bay at low tide
  • Kayaking or paddleboarding at high tide
  • Clam digging – License is required that can be purchased at office along with renting tools to dig.
  • Cooked or live lobsters, oysters, clams can be ordered at the office and delivered the following day.

Nearby Attractions

There are so many things to do that are near this campground. I drove to Boothbay Harbor which, by the way, is a must visit if you are in this area of Maine. Also, Bath, ME is very close where you can find some great lobster places and other attractions.

I really loved Sagadahoc Bay Campground and if and when I go back to this area, I will definitely stay here again!

Sagadahoc Bay Campground in Georgetown Maine

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