Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Erin and I created this website for various reasons but mainly to let other know that YOU can camp and travel solo if that’s your desire and I want to help you achieve that!

I love sharing all that I’ve learned about camping. I have a great mentor, my brother, who has been camping all his life. He’s taught me so much and I’m here to pass it all along to you along with everything I learned along the way in my camping adventures!

I’m also sharing camping trips I’ve taken, places you don’t want to miss, camping tips, places to eat and honest campground reviews, just to name a few!

Although I cater to solo female campers and travelers, everyone who is interested can find value on my website.

Also, I am an introvert and definitely don’t mind spending time in my own company, I do it alot, but Covid has been isolating, even for me. So that is why I made the choice, like so many other people to start camping and see all the places and things I’ve always wanted to see.

In addition to camping, I spend time with family and friends. I like to read books and websites where I am learning new things. I love cold brew coffee and I am kind of a reality TV junkie!