It’s Spring so almost time to start camping for the season and, if you’re like me, you want to have your favorite items to make you feel at home while you’re in your camper so here are my 10 favorite camping items. Maybe you’ll try a few of them too.

If you’re new to camping and still trying to figure out what type of camping you’d like to get started with, check out this blog post. It gives the pros and cons of several different ways of camping.

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  1. Shopwithgreen Plastic Dinnerware Set: When camping I like have cute plates, bowls and cups. So these heavy plastic ones so there are no chances breaking while traveling or when eating outside at your campsite. These are so cute and I love that they are a complete set even including silverware.
Shopwithgreen plastic dinnerware set
  1. Sportneer Adjustable Height Small Folding Table: It’s just the perfect size for 1 or 2 people or to use when cooking food outside. It’s got the extra net shelf below so it can hold anything. When not using or when traveling, it folds flat for easy storage.
Favorite Camping item Sportneer Adjustable Height Small Folding Table
  1. Silonn Ice Maker: This may be a little over-the-top for some people but I have to have an ice cube maker. I am a huge cold brew coffee lover and that needs ice and this is perfect! Use the ice cubes to cool off your dog’s water on warm days, if you have dogs and they’re spoiled like mine!
Favorite Camping item Silonn Ice Maker
  1. Country Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker: Now I won’t lie, I love a Venti Starbucks Cold Brew coffee but when you’re camping, why go find a Starbucks when you can use this awesome mason jar coffee maker to make your own by steeping it overnight. I use my favorite ground coffee and it works great! Doesn’t take up much room in your fridge and as long as you have ice cubes, you have a perfect glass of cold brew coffee!
Country Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker
  1. Gotham Steel Double Pan: Using this double pan to make perfect omelette, pancakes, french toast and many other things, it is definitely one of my favorite camping items. I actually use this pan at home too because it’s great! Make grilled cheese, french toast and so much more.
Favorite Camping item Gotham Steel Double Pan
  1. MalloMe Hammock: If you’re ready to relax or read a book and have trees where you’re camping, this hammock is great and really affordable. It also doesn’t take up much room when not in use so perfect for storing.
Favorite Camping item MALLOME HAMMOCK
  1. M2 Basics 350 piece emergency first aid kit: When you’re far from help or a hospital, this first aid kit will make you prepared when camping. And matter what first aid kit you decide on purchasing, you do need to have one!
M2 Basics 350 piece emergency first aid kit
  1. Solar String Lights: Solar powered string lights give your beautiful lights outside of your camper without needing to use any additional power. These are so cute and power up during the day and will give nice lighting in the evenings. The string is 38 feet long with 66 crystal ball lights.
Favorite Camping item Solar String Lights
  1. Coghlan’s Cast Iron Cooker: These Mountain Pie Maker’s take me back to Girl Scouts when we used to make them with peanut butter and jelly and others with cherry pie filling. So good! There are so many things you can use these for to cook over your campfire.
Favorite camping item Coghlan's Cast Iron Cooker
  1. Hitorhike Camping Chair: You want to be comfortable when you’re relaxing outside your camper or around the campfire and this chair is great because it has a headrest so you can just lay back and be super comfy.
Favorite Camping item Hitorhike Camping Chair

These are 10 of my favorite camping items that make me feel more at home and I know I have more so eventually there will be a part 2 of this blog post. What items do you take camping with you that make you feel more at home? Leave me a comment below.

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