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A way to work remote and travel on your own terms

Starting an online business that will give you the freedom to work the days and hours you want or need will give you the ability to work from anywhere. You CAN start an online business and I will show you how.

Tips and tricks about camping & traveling for females

Whether I’ve done the research, interviewed an expert, or been there, done it myself, here I’m sharing stories about camping and traveling to let you know, that anyone can do it.

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step”

This is your first step!

High-Quality Travel Apparel & Accessories

Creating fun, custom-designed apparel and accessories to share your love for camping & travel. Also promoting positivity and female empowerment with custom apparel.

A Travel Blog for solo female campers

Hello, I’m Erin…Thank you for visiting my website! I created this website because, like so many others, I was tired of being cooped up at home due to the pandemic, so I’ve done tons of research and decided to jump on the camping and traveling bandwagon to get me out of the house.

And because I’ve done so much research, I’ve decided to share it here along with my travels and adventures to hopefully inspire other females, like you, realize they can do the same and live their best life!

And I will show you how to create your very own online business to fund your camping adventures so you have the freedom to work from anywhere.

Lastly, because I absolutely love quotes, I’ve created On The Go Apparel where I sell travel and female positivity-inspired apparel and accessories so I hope you check it out!

Again, thanks for visiting and let me know if you have any questions or comments!

At On The Go Apparel, we make custom-designed t-shirts and accessories for people who want to show off their love for traveling, specifically camping along with being a digital nomad and phrases that invoke positivity and women empowerment.

Visit our shop and see all of our products available. All items are quality materials with various colors and sizes so there is something for everyone!

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Always remember you’ve got what it takes to make your dreams come true!